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HEARTLAND CO-OP carries Cenex Brand Lubricants that are time-tested, proven performers. Manufactured with only the finest lube oil base stocks, additives, and formulated for specific applications. Our lubricants exceed the standard required by equipment manufactureres. For your equipment and vehicles, nothing beats Cenex Brand Lubricants for performance.

Specification Sheets on all Cenex Brand Lubricants.


Total Protection Plan Warranty

Protection Plan WarrantyThe Total Protection Plan Warranty offers users of Cenex Brand Lubricants up to 10 years or 10,000 hours of warranty coverage. The Total Protection Plan offers agricultural producers a unique warranty to cover agricultural production equipment. Coverage is available on New or Used Equipment. Stationary Irrigation engines can also be covered on this warranty. To find out more about this unique warranty click on Total Protection Plan Warranty for more details!!!

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