Crop Input Financing FAQ


Will this financing agreement adversely affect my relationship with my primary operating lender?
No. This financing agreement can be used as a secondary financing tool.

Is there a fee to process the loan?
Yes. There is a one-time $175 processing fee.

Are the interest rates variable?Yes. The interest rates are variable and generally, but not always, change with the adjustments to 30 day LIBOR

How will I know if the interest rate changes?
You will receive monthly statements which will outline your loan balance and interest rates.

Will I still qualify for available discounts on my seed prepay if I use 0% seed financing?

Is there a maximum amount I can be approved for?
No. Your loan approval amount cannot be greater than the estimated collateral value of the projected crop. $250,000 is the primary maximum that can be approved without additional financial information.

Do I have to re-apply each crop year? 
Yes. This is a non-revolving financing agreement approved for a specific crop year.

How do I apply and how long does it take to be approved?
Complete the crop input loan application and forward it to your Heartland Co-op salesman. The approval process typically takes 48-72 hours. One approved, you will receive loan documents for your signature.

What type of security does Heartland Credit Company, LLC require?
- UCC lien on crops filed on each loan
- Co-payee on grain checks based on credit quality
- Assignment of Indemnity on crop insurance based on credit quality
- UCC subordination from lender based on credit quality